Charity 3-on-3 Tournament

                                                                 THE VALLEY (2017 Champions)

                                                                 THE VALLEY (2017 Champions)

The 2nd annual Golden Gate Summer Shootout 3-on-3 tournament will be hosted Saturday, June 23rd at 5 PM at Redwood High School, immediately following Saturday's GGSS games. 

Pick your teammates (five max to a team) and get ready for some broken jumpers and achey joints. 

Fill out the form below and we'll be in contact with further registration instructions.


Where - Redwood HS

When - Saturday 6/23 at 5 PM

Entry Fee - $150 per team (Split five ways = $30 each)

Prize - Pride and a shiny trophy

What Do I Get? Other than the clear conscience that you're donating to charity? You get a custom-made jersey with your team name, plus the opportunity for eternal fame with your name on the 3x3 championship plaque

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